What is TRUCE 3?

TRUCE 3 is a clothing line of t-shirts and hoodies expressing the desire for world peace. While world peace is still seemingly as elusive as it has ever been, advocacy lives on in favor of a place where various people, groups, and countries can live together without violence. 

World peace can be an overwhelming notion. While most people consider it an impossible feat, others are constantly making contributions in various ways, even if only one drop in the bucket at a time. Fact is - it all adds up. 

Almost everyone would like to see a world at peace, but few have the time or resources to contribute - but there is something you can do to help. Maybe you can't be a politician, start a peace organization, or attend treaty talks - but you can wear TRUCE 3. 

What does TRUCE 3 mean?

"TRUCE" means exactly what you think it means - to stop the violence and hostilities between two or more people, groups of people, or countries - even if only temporarily. 
"3" represents the three elements of unity that people could live by to encourage more peace. The three elements of unity are one world, one future, one dream. 

  • One world: All people, groups, countries, and religions united
  • One future: A collective hope and commitment for next generations to live in peace, without wars, terrorism, or conflict. 
  • One dream: Recognition of a common bond - peace and happiness for all

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TRUCE 3 world peace tshirt
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TRUCE 3 world peace t-shirt
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