What is TRUCE 3?

TRUCE 3 is a clothing line of t-shirts and hoodies expressing the desire for world peace. While world peace is still seemingly as elusive as it has ever been, advocacy lives on in favor of a place where various people, groups, and countries can live together without violence. 

World peace can be an overwhelming notion. While most people consider it an impossible feat, others are constantly making contributions in various ways, even if only one drop in the bucket at a time. Fact is - it all adds up. 

Almost everyone would like to see a world at peace, but few have the time or resources to contribute - but there is something you can do to help. Maybe you can't be a politician, start a peace organization, or attend treaty talks - but you can wear TRUCE 3. 

What does TRUCE 3 mean?

"TRUCE" means exactly what you think it means - to stop the violence and hostilities between two or more people, groups of people, or countries - even if only temporarily. 
"3" represents the three elements of unity that people could live by to encourage more peace. Our three elements of unity are one world, one future, one dream. 

  • One world: All people, groups, countries, and religions united
  • One future: A collective hope and commitment for next generations to live in peace, without wars, terrorism, or conflict 
  • One dream: Recognition of a common bond - peace and happiness for all

See below for more about TRUCE 3, or buy a TRUCE 3 t-shirt and wear it proudly. 

TRUCE 3 Background

TRUCE 3 was started in 2012 as a t-shirt line dedicated to the expression of a desire for world peace. It's a wearable expression - something people can wear to express their desire for a world without violence and war. It's been a long time since the idea of world peace was something hip and cool. TRUCE 3 provides shirt designs that address the next generation of peace advocates - people of all races & religions, young and old. 

The idea of world peace used to be something people praised and glorified, until it took a back seat to several other advocacy topics like anti-drugs, anti-animal cruelty, anti-smoking - you name it, there's an "anti" for everything under the sun, and all these issues have sidelined the idea that the world should live in unity without violence and war. 

Have you ever dropped a quarter into the red Salvation Army pot on your way into a store during the holiday season? Did it in some way make you feel just a tiny bit better about people in need, or about who you are as a person? Your quarter didn't solve poverty or hunger, but it made a tiny contribution to the overall solution, and you have to admit - it felt good. TRUCE 3 is no different. Wearing your TRUCE 3 t-shirt won't lead to world peace overnight, but you'll feel good knowing you're a walking billboard for something everyone wants. You'll also contribute to the reawakening of a movement that many have forgotten. 

If a million people wear TRUCE 3 shirts, and the repetitive message encourages only a few people to give their time, donate to organizations, or abandon their plans to kill innocent people, your contribution to world peace counted in a big way. 

That's what TRUCE 3 is all about. We're not a world peace organization and we're not trying to boil the ocean. We're just trying to put the coolness back in world peace one shirt sighting at a time. 

Truce 3 is based in San Diego California. 

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