World Peace Organizations

TRUCE 3 is a t-shirt company, not a world peace organization. World peace organizations are often non-profit groups working toward world peace one country, incident, or war at a time. Their work includes, but is not limited to actions like peaceful protests, financial contributions, creation of documentaries, and even establishing an internationally recognized Peace Day.

Such organizations are the lifeblood of the overall world peace movement. While there are also world peace activities being conducted by smaller groups like churches and schools, the smaller efforts often roll up to more established world peace organizations. 

Below we provide a few world peace organizations we list simply for reference. TRUCE 3 does not make recommendations or advise anyone to donate to or get involved with specific world peace organizations. Always do your research and use sound judgment before you pick a world peace organization to be involved with in any way. 

  • Google "world peace organizations" to find many more

What About Peace Corps?

Peace Corps is a well-recognized organization, but its name can be a little misleading. It's an excellent group of people spanning the globe and working extremely hard to make the world a better place. 

They undoubtedly deserve praise. However, Peace Corps is more focused on helping others in the areas of medical assistance & knowledge, agriculture & farming, clean drinking water, education, and more. They definitely have their hands full, but we see them as an organization working toward world improvement, not necessarily world peace in a direct sense. You can visit Peace Corps here

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